Our teams specialize in creating and building meaningful Spaces & Experiences. We collaborate with in house experts and external stakeholders to enhance the campus community. Here are some of the unique projects that we have worked on:

In honour of International Women’s Day, Spaces & Experiences would like to share the stories of four wonderful women who work with us. Enjoy!

Celebrating the women of Spaces & Experiences

Inspired by International Women’s Day, Spaces and Experiences continues to celebrate the strong and capable women that make our spaces and our experiences on campus exceptional. Here are the stories of four great women who do just that.

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Spaces & Experiences Shows Its Pride

One of the most visible ways that S&E supports Pride is through the Pride capsule collection of merchandise, now in its third year. The Pride collections generally sell out, and this year’s collection is the largest ever.

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International Women's Day at spaces & Experiences at U of T

Spaces & Experiences Celebrates International Women’s Day

In honour of International Women’s Day, S & E met up with six incredible women who work with us in various areas of our university operations. These consummate professionals are just a few of the individuals who keep things running behind the scenes at U of T, always with a smile and a focus on providing excellence in service to our community. Here are their stories.

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